We do not have SEO pricing packages. Most people think SEO pricing is the same for every business. All keywords are not created equally and pricing depends solely on the level of difficulty the keyword is to rank for and a number of resources it will take to make your website show up in the top results. Please go here and fill out the questionnaire so we can give you accurate pricing plus find out more about your business and the keywords you would like your customers to find you by. WE WILL NOT work with your business if the questionnaire is not filled out in its entirety.

Example: We are very familiar with the drug and alcohol rehab industry because we have successfully ranked our client’s website at the top of the search results on Google. The average CPC or cost per click for most terms related to drug and alcohol rehab is around $90 and can be a high as $160 per click.

The level of difficulty to rank for any keywords related to rehab is pretty competitive. Just to give you an example of how difficult it can be depending on the keyword, on a scale of 1-100 any given keywords for rehab can be a 70, extremely difficult.

How we would accurately price a client for this is say for instance drug rehab St Louis gets 100 searches per month. To make the math simple, most drug rehabs cost upwards of 15,000-25,000. We get our client rank in the number one spot for ST Louis rehab and out of the 100 potential searches they convert at a 5% rate wich is 5 admits/ patients that get treated every month and successfully complete rehab.

5×25,000 is 100,2500 in gross income every month on top of the numbers that they were already producing. In a 12 month span that is 1.5 million dollars in additional gross income.

Would you say that it is fair to give them an SEO price quote of 200,000 to rank number 1 at the top of the search results? The client only pays this one time over a series of payment usually over a 12-month span.

Of course, that particular industry can afford to pay the price. A mom and pop pizza restaurant would be a whole nother pricing structure based on their product pricing. A pizza cost on average $10 and is not as competitive to rank for in almost every city across the country.

Let us give you an accurate SEO pricing today.